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Imagine for Natasha

"I vow to love you, through concert tours, through albums, through fan-girls and people that will hate, but I don’t know why they would do that, because you are an amazing person, you have endless talent, you have an amazing heart. And i’m over the moon that you chose to give it to me. I love you." You couldn’t help the tears that ran down your face as you gazed into Harry’s big green eyes, as you read him your vows you’ve had memorized for a month. You were so happy, this was the day you had been waiting for since the day you first saw his curly hair, and his cute dimples. After two years of dating a world famous pop star, he proposed to you under the Eiffel tower in Paris. 
     You couldn’t even remember Harry’s words to you at your wedding  because of the way he made you melt. But it didn’t matter because next thing you knew you were exiting the chapel heading off to you honeymoon, with louis making side comments about “certain things” to happen while you were away.


"Harry, I need to tell you something." You said holding something behind your back. "Natasha, what is it?" He said with a concerned look. "Don’t worry," You said with a smile on your face, "It’s good news." Instantly he knew what was happening, he ran up to you and hugged you. And when he pulled back he was crying and laughing at the same time. "I’m so happy to start our new family!" You just stood there and held each other, laughing, because it felt too good to be true.
Throughout your pregnancy Harry was the sweetest person you had ever met, always making sure you were comfortable, and came the day where you found out what the gender of your child would be. The day of, you both agreed you wanted a girl. You got to the office, and you were extremely nervous. The gel they put on you was cold and it didn’t help how you felt. But finally the words came, “Congratulations, it’s a girl.” And you were both overcome with joy. 

A few months later, Harry drove you to the hospital, you were in unbelievable pain. It was agonizing, but Harry was right there next to you, always holding your hand, even when you were screaming in his face, telling him how much you hated him. But once your little girl came into the world, all of those feelings washed away. “What’s her name?” said the nurse who helped deliver. Harry looked at you and smiled, “Her name is Darcy.” The nurse looked at you both and said, “What a beautiful name!”

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